For the flat pedal fans, Insight now offers 2 sizes to choose from Mini and Pro Platform pedals.

The most critical part of a pedal is mostly hidden from sight : the CNC machined 9/16″ Chromoly spindle. These are designed to handle the biggest jumps and cases without bending, while supporting the pedals to spin smoothly on the inboard LSL bushing and outboard sealed industrial bearing. Out of the box these bearings are buttery smooth and our high bushing fitting tolerances ensure that’s they way they stay.

6061 aluminum with CNC machined body
9/16″ CNC machined cr-mo axle
LSL (lightweight self-lubricating) bushing and sealed bearing
Replaceable Pins

Colors : 

Sizes :
Mini : 83 x 94mm
Pro : 113 x 105mm

Weights  :
Mini : 338 g / 11.92 oz
Pro : 410 g / 14.28 oz


PRO SIZE : 113 x 105mm / Black, Silver, Red, and Blue

MINI SIZE : 83 x 94mm / Black, Silver, Red, and Blue