Insight Vision Number Plates are offered in 2 sizes in 3 different color options along with the choice of backgrounds as well.

The Plate comes with a clear plastic to protect the front that you peel off before you use. Insight Vison Series plates also comes with Velcro and zip ties to affix to your race machine. Clear flexible Lexan number plates have factory looking screened graphics and laminate process to protect it from scratching.

3M High Density Clear Plastic
Fixation 4 Velcro loops in black

PRO : 262 x 183 mm
Width: 10.3″ / Height: 7.2″
MINI/CRUISER : 226 x 157 mm
Width: 8.9″ / Height: 6.2″

Weights :
PRO : 53 g / 1,87 oz
MINI/CRUISER : 40 g / 1,41 oz

Colors : 

We will offer the INSIGHT 2D Vision2 number plate sticker template for you to be able to download and have your own sticker made locally.