INSIGHT BMX Technologies has a full line of straight forward, BMX race ready parts. With perfect design and incredible graphics, the Insight line was designed for you, the racer in mind.

Insight has a continually expanding line of products and much more. Each of the parts are designed with attention to detail, as well as bringing color and graphic excitement to your BMX bike. Highlight your bike with INSIGHT, and stand out from the crowd, the perfect upgrade for your BMX race bike.

All new Insight Anodized Alloy handlebars for the young stars of BMX!

Offered in 6 sizes : 2”, 3”, 4”, 4.5’, 5.5”, 6.5” and in 4 color choices : Black, Polished, anodized Red and Blue, ALL ANODIZED

Exclusive to Insight : the Mini/Junior Pivotal seat

Super lightweight at only 130 Grams
Offered in 5 colors choices : Blue, Red, Black, White and Clear

all NEW Insight Upgrade parts

The NEW Insight Upgrade Quick Release Seat Clamp is made from aluminum and in 25.4, 26.8 and 31.8 mm sizes.
Offered in 6 colors.
Perfect to add more color to your bike, as well as a perfect brake pad with a ton of grip to slow your roll!
Offered in 7 Colors.
Silky smooth brake cables that are pre stretched and wound extra tight.
Offered in 7 Colors